Healthy Protein Diets for Men & Women

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Protein– A macronutrient is essentially significant for building muscle mass. It can be obtained from animal products and other sources, like legumes and nuts. The human body needs a massive amount of macronutrients for sustaining life. Fifteen percent of bodyweight makes of Protein.

Protein helps in fuelling the mass of muscles that helps metabolism and makes the immune system stay strong.

Men often need more Protein than women due to their larger built. Proteins are the substances that contain nitrogen and are formed from the amino acid, forming a structural component of tissue and muscle. These are also used for various other functions within the human body, as instanced by enzymes and hormone production.

The recommended dose of Protein:

The UK government’s recommended dose for males is around 55 grams of protein a day and 45 grams a day that is considered in Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women.

The Dietary Reference Intake (DRI) of protein also vary according to the lifestyle, which are the following:

Physically Inactive: 0.8 gram of the bodyweight

Active Males: 2 gram of protein/kg of desired bodyweight

Animal And Plant Protein

Animal sources of Protein have a sufficient level of all nine amino acids, essential for the human body, as your body cannot generate it. In contrast, plant sources of Protein are not complete. Hence, vegetarians depend on supplements for Vitamin B12.

E.g., 100g of chicken – 31 g protein vs. 100g quinoa – 13g protein

Hence, animal sources are the best sources of protein.

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Animal Protein Sources

Chicken Breast: Highest content of protein/gram, i.e., 28.4 grams of Protein per 100 grams, is a lean source of protein with the amino acid. It is also a source of niacin, phosphorous, b6, and selenium. 

Egg: High-quality source of animal protein, i.e., 6-7 grams of protein per egg. It also slows down the rate of absorbing carbohydrates in your body, energizing for a longer time.

Lean beef steak: A complete profile of amino acid, the lean beef stick is a rich source of vitamin b12 and is low in saturated fat than other red meats. Besides, it contains 9.1g of protein/100 grams.

Mackerel: It contains 19 grams of protein per 100grams

Salmon: It is a complete profile of amino acid containing 21.6 grams of Protein per 100 grams and Omega 3 fatty acids necessary for a healthy brain. Besides, among all the fishes, salmon is the highest protein-rich fish.  

Turkey: It contains 25 grams of protein per 100 grams. Besides, consist of selenium, zinc, phosphorus, and B vitamins.

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Plant Proteins:

Almonds: 18 gram/100 grams

Chickpeas: 19 gram/100 grams

Lentils: 23 gram/ 100 grams

Peanuts: 25 gram/ 100 grams

Quinoa: 4.4 gram/ 100 grams

Tofu: 8 gram/ 100 grams 

Walnuts: 19 gram/ 100 grams

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Healthy Protein Diet For Men

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women can keep men healthy and help lose weight and help you feel satisfied and full. It also keeps the body muscular and lean. Hence, ensuring Protein’s consumption in the proper amount will help preserve lean tissue and increases the feeling of being full.

The human body produces alanine and glycine; however, not amino acids. Hence, you need to eat amino acid-rich foods to maintain lean muscle mass.

Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score (PDCAAS) can be used to evaluate the quality of Protein. PDCASS considers amino acid and balances it with digestibility factors. The highest score of the PDCASS is 1.0 from soy proteins, milk, egg, and whey. While other food sources, like beef, has a 0.9 score, and black beans have a 0.75, and peanuts have a 0.52 score.  

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women

Meals for men

Men should choose meals, including Protein, an essential nutrient for a good-looking physique, and weight loss. A high-protein diet helps reduce appetite and boost up metabolism. Besides, Protein helps losing belly fat and overall weight. Protein effects significantly in losing bodyweight, which includes the following:

  • Change levels of hormones that regulate the bodyweight
  • Proteins that metabolize and digest food helps burn 20 to 30% of protein calories
  • Reduces cravings and appetite
  • Prevents loss of muscles and slow the rate of metabolism

A high-protein diet for men

The need for fitness and nutrition in women is different than men. The goals of women are distinct, like gaining muscles, losing fat, or looking lean. Protein is significant for women diet to benefit in the following ways:

  • Building lean muscle mass
  • Weight management
  • Immune system
  • Support bones, nails, and hairs

If women are not consuming enough protein in their diet, it will affect in the following ways:

  • Weakness or fatigue
  • Flaky skin
  • Damaged or brittle nails and hairs
  • Food cravings
  • Slow wound healing
  • Swollen hands, feet, or edema

Protein diet for women

The Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) by the government for women is 0.8g/kg of body weight, or 48g/day (10% of daily calories). Consuming the recommended dose will help women in the following ways:

  • Balances protein with carbs and fat. Balancing the right amount of macronutrients depends on the body type of women, which can be known from the below-mentioned table:
Physique ClassificationBody TypeMetabolic RateDiet
EctomorphThinHigh25%protein 55%Carbohydrates 20%Fat
EndomorphHeavySlow35%protein 25%Carbohydrates 40%Fat
MesomorphAthleticFair30%protein 40%Carbohydrates 30%Fat
  • It would be best to consume protein before and after workout sessions. Many experts suggested that around 0.4 to 0.5 grams of protein should be taken within a few hours of a workout or training session.

A healthy protein diet for women can be obtained from various foods to get essential amino acids. Some of them include:

  • 1 oz- soy nuts- 12 g
  • 3 oz skinless chicken- 28g
  • Also, 3 oz steak- 26 g
  • 3 oz salmon or tuna- 22 g
  • And 3 oz turkey: 25 g
  • 3 oz shrimp- 20 g
  • 4 oz of 1% cheese (cottage)- 14 g
  • 6 oz Greek yogurt- 18 g
Protein diet for women

Side-effects of a high-protein diet

Consuming proteins more than the recommended dose can be dangerous. The liver and kidneys get affected if intake of Protein is more than 238-306g of Protein, i.e., 3.5 to 4.5/kg of body weight. Some health problems can occur, like bad breath, dehydration, weight gain, or diarrhea.

Besides, there is a potential risk of kidney or liver damage and calcium loss that impacts bone strength. Hence, it is always recommended to check the health issues before opting for the recommended diet plan of protein.


Healthy Protein Diets For Men & Women is important for our Health.

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