We all know what a gym is now, but do you how it all began?


Back in the 18th century first professional gymnasium aka gym was established teaching various kinds of exercises including bodily exercises like swimming running etc. and later in the 19th century, the culture of the gym started gaining popularity. But if we go back in ancient history, to the most ancient civilization, the Indus valley civilization or to ancient Greece or Rome, physical fitness was given the utmost importance and there were dedicated places for physical workouts and was included in a complete education.
Today in the 21st-century physical fitness is associated with gym culture and according to the surveys conducted worldwide more than 27% of the world population attends the gym and more than 62% of the population is doing Gym type activities to maintain their physical fitness.


Why gyms?

Despite various health benefits, both physically and mentally, the regular exercise burns calories and helps you maintain good physically, and ultimately helps you live a long healthy life.
There are various other health benefits that regular exercise benefits your body as well as the mind, out of which we are naming just a few.
⦁ It makes you feel happier
⦁ It makes your muscles and bones stronger
⦁ It helps in increasing your endurance
⦁ By increasing blood flow, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases
⦁ Reducing antioxidants in the body, it helps to keep skin healthy
⦁ Improving blood flow to the brain, it helps in maintaining brain health and memory
⦁ It helps in increasing sleep quality as well as body relaxation
⦁ It has favorable effects in reducing chronic pain
⦁ Strengthening the cardiovascular system, it helps in improving your sex life
There is a long list of benefits that you can experience when you hit the gym. Regular exercise can improve almost every aspect of your life but remember being consistent is the key. Results cant be seen in a day or two. You must put in the effort and stay consistent and dedicated to your gym routine.


Myths related to gym busted:

⦁ Cardio Myth
You have to work out at least 30 minutes of cardio to attain your goal but that is a myth. You can have the same results with only 3 ten minutes sessions of cardio workout.
⦁ Lifting lighter weights will make your body more toned!
An efficient amount of weight training, Proper amount of cardiovascular exercise, and calorie deficit nutrition reduces body fat and ultimately helps you get a toned and defined body. Lifting heavier weights will make your muscles stronger and tighter which is ultimately the result of microscopic wear and tear in the muscles and then its recovery.

⦁ Excessive cardio is the best way to lose body fat!
A lot of cardio will strip both muscle and body fat. And Once your body begins stripping muscle tissue, it becomes less efficient at burning body fat. Muscle helps in stimulating metabolism because muscle tissues are metabolically active. So striping muscle tissues will reduce your body’s efficiency to lose body fat. As each pound of muscle burns almost 50 calories per day. So, the proper amount of cardio is necessary to reach your goal but not excessive.
⦁ By lifting heavy weigh in the gym, women can also gain muscles as big as men!
This is a non-dying myth. A man has almost three times testosterone than a woman. So, without any anabolic steroids, growth hormone, or other enhancing drugs, she can never muscle as big as a man.
⦁ Muscle weighs more than fat!
one pound of muscle and one pound of fat, they both will weigh one pound on a scale. The only difference is in the volume. One pound of muscle will be almost one third in size of one-pound fat.
⦁ There is a perfect routine to work out for the gym!
There can’t be any perfect routine for the workout. The reality is if it works for you its good, but you have to change your routine every 4 weeks as the body adapts any routine in 4-6 weeks and manipulating weights, reps, exercises, etc will not let your mind experience boredom and the body will not adapt to the routine and you will experience the change.

I hope you find these points are helpful enough.

Tips to Avoid Injuries While Exercising
⦁ Visit a personal trainer or get a coach
⦁ Warm-up
⦁ Be smart about your training, always use proper form 
⦁ Wear the right exercise attire
⦁ Eat a balanced diet and hydrate
⦁ strength training and core work must be added to your routine
⦁ Give your body proper time to rest and recover 


So, let’s not wait for “The Monday” and get it done “Today”. No matter how stressed you feel right now or how tired you are, believe me, you will feel much better after the workout and you will have no regrets tomorrow. Let’s get rid of those flabby arms and flabby stomachs and get in perfect body shape. You will feel more confident and in control with an improved energy level and more hormonally balanced.
It is ok to take a break from the stress of life for an hour. Set your problems aside and pretend as they don’t exist and work out. And you will release the sexy beast hidden inside. Iron therapy solves a lot of problems.

Start training at a gym today and create a better version of yourself!

This is all about ‘GYM‘.

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