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Hello & Welcome folks! This post will talk about the most common problem that one-third of the world’s population is facing. We are going to talk about Fat Loss. So, let’s get started with 6 surprising facts about fat loss!

1. Fat Loss Also Increase Memory: It’s scientifically proven that if someone follows a fat loss program for six months, they will perform better in the Brain & Memory Test.

2. Fat Cell Lifetime: A single fat cell can live for seven years, and when it does, a new one is born by replacing it.

3. Arthritis Symptoms: Losing Fat Can reduce arthritis symptoms.

4. Twins: A study about twins shows that it is harder for the heavier twin to burn fat.

5. Stress: Stress can make fat loss a big deal.

6. Ear Infections: The people suffering from ear infection will found it hard to lose fat.

How to Loss (Burn) Body Fat

This post is devoted to Fat Loss; we will describe how to lose it. You may find many information on the internet about this topic, but it is hard to find a working way. So, let me first mention that Exercise is the best way to burn fat. But along with Exercise, specific diet and techniques are recommended.

Does Exercise help you in Fat Loss?

This might a stupid question, but many of our readers may have doubts about this question also. For them, I am mentioning that Exercise is the best way to lose & burn body fat.

15 Ways to Burn (Loss) Body Fat:

 Let’s dive into it and find out 15 amazing Ways to lose your body fat!

  1. Eat Meat: If you are non-veg, this is the best way to lose fat because getting protein will help you maintain your muscles.
  2. Drink milk: It is recommended to take milk in your daily diet because milk will prevent fat observation for other foods.
  3. Got to Bed earlier: Some researchers experimented with twins. They found that that twin that sleeps more first found to be more fit than that of others. So, going to Bed earlier will also give you more rest and fat loss.
  4. Drink Cold Water: You might not know, but drinking 6 cups of cold water daily will burn 50 calories daily.
  5. Eat Chili’s: Chili can also help you in Fat Loss. Because have one tablespoon of chili in diet can boost your nervous system.
  6. Green Tea: Taking green Tea before an hour will result in boosting calories burn. So, take green Tea before Exercise daily.
  7. Eat Iron-Rich Food: Iron is required for carrying the oxygen to your muscles. More calories will be burned if more oxygen reaches your muscles, and your muscle’s fat is maintained.
  8. Vitamin D: It is necessary for preserving muscle tissues. We can get vitamin D in a great amount from direct sunlight. So have some time and sit directly in the sunlight.
  9. Watermelon: The Amino Acid present in watermelon can also enhance your fat loss speed.
  10. Vegetables: You should not be completely dependent upon non-veg food. In the journey of fat loss, you need to eat green and leafy vegetables at regular intervals. Maintain a regularity between veg and non-veg if you can.


  1. Focus on Soluble Fiber: You are advised to focus on Soluble Fiber. There are two types of fibers. Soluble & Insoluble. Eat food like Beans & Barley because they are Soluble Fiber rich.
  2. Eliminate Sugar: Study occur in 2017 proved that people who eliminated sugar from their diet are fit. This may be a challenging task, but it is also very beneficial.
  3. The hobby of Meditation: Make Meditation as your hobby. Regular Meditation will give you rid of stress which will make you happy & will help in fat burn.
  4. Do Yoga: In the above points, we had discussed diet. Yoga is the best exercise for one who wants to lose fat. The most important thing about this is that it will slow the metabolism which is better in the fat loss process.
  5. Sprint: Sprinting is the best way to force your body to consume more energy during exercise. It is very good for the cardiovascular system. It will burn more fat than jogging.
  6. Walking & Cycling: If you need to travel somewhere then try avoiding public & private transport. Use Cycle for low distance transport.

Mistakes you are doing in Fat Loss:

Fat Loss

So now you had read the above information, and you are now Burning Fat. Keep It Up! But you might be making several mistakes. To prevent those mistakes, we had also provided information related to common mistakes that people make while burning fat. Have a look at the below information.

Food for Fat Loss:

  1. No Exercise! If you are focusing on your diet and are not doing exercises, then you are in the wrong way. Because Exercise is the most important part of Fat Loss, just having a preferred diet will do a few works. So also start doing exercises.
  2. Too Much Exercise! If you are doing too much Exercise, then also you are being lied to the wrong way. If you think that giving more pain to your body will faster the process, you are entirely wrong. Do not do challenging Exercise; just do that you can.
  3. Not attempting weight lifting workouts! If you are not Lifting Weight, then start doing it. It is not necessary, but scientists found that this effective way to gain muscles. With you can earn good powers and looks fit and fabulous.
  4. You might be overestimating the Calories! It would be best to look at your calories meter in a regular and short interval of time because once some Researchers found that people were expecting that they had burns 200 – 300 calories. Still, initially, they had burn 800+ calories, which were 4× of those expectations. So regularly look at your calorie meter.

Now, let’s talk about the food that a person who wants to lose their fat should eat.

  1. Fatty Fish: This is good for non-veg. As its name suggests, “fatty,” but it is the opposite of character. I will not give you fat. So non-veg can go for this food.
  2. Eggs: You might be thinking that eggs give us power, but power does not mean fat. Eggs are rich sources of the vitamin, nutrition, and Protein. It will not provide a lot of fat. So, eggs can also be the right choice.
  3. Coffee & Green Tea: Interesting thing is that once a study found that people’s taking coffee daily, we’re burning 17% more calories than others. So, Coffee & Green Tea can speed up the process.

How to lose body fat by completely changing what you eat?

If you think that your diet has many problems, then you should change your diet completely. Stop eating fat, oily, and fried food. Make a combination of foods that we had mentioned above and get them into your diet.

How to Beat a Fat Loss Plateau?

So, you are unable to lose fat. When someone cannot lose fat even after doing the preferred task, it is called Fat Loss Plateau. We also have some tips for this. Could you have a look at it?

  1. Increase Exercise Frequency: Do not make your Exercise constant. Increase its frequency day by day.
  2. Track Your Complete Diet: Have an in-depth look at your diet. Analyze it. Do not make even a little mistake in your diet.
  3. Increase Protein Diet: Increase Protein in your diet. Eat protein-rich food like eggs more.
  4. Stress: Manage stress. Does not take it too much.

Note: We only recommend these tasks if you cannot look after reading this page’s top content. First, give a try to the content that is on top of this page.

How to keep fat off?

Congratulations, now you have successfully burned your fat. But the problem is to keep it off? Don’t worry, this; this big deal. You need to continue Exercise & Diet. Do not think that now you are slim and do not need to follow a strict diet and exercise. Just keep following the same routine.


So, let’s start your journey to fat loss. Have an in-depth look at this information and find what you need to add and what to change. Thanks for reading!!

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