Depression: symptoms and many more about it.


Depression can be understood as the sadness, loss, or anger of a human being, which affects the everyday activities of a human being.

Everyone experiences sadness from time to time for a limited period. But when symptoms like prolonged persistent negative thinking, unhappy mood, or even not taking interest in favorite activities start appearing, then it can be depression.

In adolescence, the victim of this feels as if the entire crowd is laughing at them.

There has been a huge increase in the number of teenage depression cases in India.

This relates to the miseries associated with the emotions of the mind in psychology. It is considered a disease or syndrome.

Happiness, peace, success, happiness, and even relations for a person suffering from depression begin to become meaningless.

During the this, he begins to understand the presence of despair, tension, unrest, and anorexia everywhere.

Although people may experience this in many different ways. It can affect your everyday work.

Because of this, the ability to work starts being affected. It can also affect your relationships and some serious health problems.

This disease or trouble ruins human life. In countries like India, there are still many problems related to depression.

Some people are not even aware that they are victims of depression.

If the early symptoms of depression are understood, treatment of it is easy. The person suffering from this does not understand what he is doing.

There are three types of depression. Some people have mild depression and some people have moderate depression. Major depressive disorder symptoms are considered the most dangerous.

Symptoms of Depression:


Depression is a state of constant feeling depressed or depressed. If this condition persists for a long time, then many symptoms are likely to appear due to it.

Some of these symptoms affect your mood while some affect your body. In addition, the symptoms also do not have consistency, they sometimes come and go again.


More than two weeks of continuous sadness, feeling inconsistent, mood swings, forgetfulness, lack of concentration, lack of interest in activities, anxiety, nervousness, loneliness, anorexia in physical care, desire for intoxication, etc.

Thoughts and feelings:

Thoughts of failure, cursing oneself, hopelessness soon, thoughts of non-cooperation, worthlessness, holding oneself responsible for the unfortunate act, negative and pessimistic outlook for future, thoughts of suicide, etc.


Disruption of normal sleeping process, loss of sleep and getting up early in the morning, doing some work slowly, loss of appetite, constant weight loss, feeling tired, indigestion, dry mouth, constipation, diarrhea, menstruation Irregularity, pain in head, stomach, chest, legs, joints, heaviness, sweating in feet, difficulty in breathing, etc.

Treatment for Depression:


Living with this can be quite difficult, but treating it can improve the quality of your life. For this, you can talk to the doctor about all the possible options.

You can easily treat successfully based on the symptoms with the help of one treatment. Or you can also take two or more treatments together. It is common to include two or more lifestyle therapies in the treatment of depression.

A better way to treat or treat depression:

A joint effort of society, family, and doctor over drugs are most effective to get rid of depression.

Role of people in getting out of depression:

If you understand the initial symptoms of this, then that person should spend time among friends, relatives, and society. A person troubled by it runs away from people, but people should try to keep him with them for his treatment. If symptoms of depression start appearing, then he should stay with his people for maximum time.

Treatment of depression with meditation and yoga:

To get rid of the problem of depression, the most important job is to get peace. Meditation is considered one of the most effective measures to get rid of the problem of it. Yoga is also very effective as a treatment for this.

Treatment (Clinical):

Doctors try to understand the cause of the disease by counseling the patient. After this, antidepressants are given for 6-8 months according to the requirement.

Psychotherapy and behavioral therapy, along with medications, attempt to change the patient’s depressed thinking. During this time, family support is necessary for the patient.


Depression can also be temporary and can be a long-lasting challenge.

It is not always completely cured by treatment. But treatment can reduce, control, or improve other symptoms.

For effective treatment of symptoms of depression, it is important that you use the right combination of medicines and therapy with the advice of a doctor.

If you do not get benefit from any treatment, then you can get better results by adopting other treatments on the advice of the doctor.

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