China App: What will be gained by removing it?

China app: Recently, after a dispute between India and China in East Ladakh, a different kind of boil was seen in India.

For this, an app was also developed, which was named “Remove China App” i.e. Chinese app was removed.

This boil was not only a Chinese product but also against the Chinese mobile application.

People on social media campaigned extensively, demanding the removal of the Chinese mobile app.

It is an indigenous app develop by a Jaipur based company “One Touch App Labs”. In May, it became a trending app in Google’s Play Store.

Users: 50 million

Actually, the company that created the app has said through a tweet that Google has removed the “Remove China App” from the Play Store.

The company does not give a reason for the app to be removed from the Play Store.

Actually, the “Remove China App” worked like its name, this app removed all the Chinese apps on the mobile.

After removing the app developed in China on the phone, a message used to say that no Chinese app exists anymore.

Chinese investment in India:

In the month of April, the Indian government tightened screening on foreign direct investment (FDI) from China, after which there was a stir among investors there.

After this, China called India’s move as discriminatory.

In fact, in April the government made government approval mandatory for foreign investment.

This move created a barrier in FDI coming from various neighboring countries including China.

Nations that offer land outskirts with India incorporate China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Bhutan, Nepal, Myanmar, and Afghanistan.

In fact, the government did not specifically name any country.

Additionally, the change in FDI rules is seen as stopping the acquisition of Indian companies by Chinese companies in the Corona period.

 Experts say that this step will have a significant impact on investment coming from China.

According to an estimate, Chinese investors have invested nearly four billion dollars in startups.

In fact, Tanvi Madan, who keeps a close watch on the India-China relationship, says, “Earlier there was a focus on boycotts of Chinese products.

This time specifically Chinese apps have been targeted.

This can have an impact on Chinese technology companies, which Indian Views the market as an important market. “

Why this Remove China app is removed from the play store?

Remove China app

Additionally In India, there is a Remove China app entry in the atmosphere against China.

On the other hand, the Remove China App used to delete applications developed in China.

But with the leave of the Chinese app, now the Remove China App itself has been discharged from the Google Play Store.

Google said the Remove China App was seen as infringing upon the organization’s Deceptive Behavior Policy.

In fact Meaning the Google Play Store does not allow an app to change the device settings of users.

Overall, Google does not approve removing or disabling or modifying third-party apps on the Play Store.

Doing so comes under the company’s verification security service

However, smartphone users, who have installed it will be able to use it.

On the other hand, the Evacuate China App has an excess of 5 million clients in India.

Actually, This app has been very popular in India in the past. Additionally, It has been created by the Indian firm OneTouchLabs.

The purpose of this was the evacuation of the Chinese-made application from the Google play store.

However, The entry of this app also happened at a time when there was a situation of tension between India and China.

In fact, In such a situation, this app got a lot of opportunities to be famous.

Mitron App was also accused of breach of the privacy policy and there was a threat to the data of the users, but the privacy policy was not uploaded by the app developers.

Additionally, taking action against Remove China App from Google, it was postponed.

Chinese App List 2020:

  • Tik Tok
  • LIKE Video
  • SHAREit
  • Helo
  • PUBG Mobile
  • UC Browser
  • TikTok Lite
  • Cut Cut  
  • BeautyPlus
  • Share Music & Transfer Files
  • Xender
  • VMate 2019
  • Club Factory, All Video Downloader, Vigo Video, AppLock,
  • UC Browser Mini, Vigo Lite
  • VMate Status, U-Dictionary, LovU, togetU
  • Live chat
  • Lords Mobile: Battle of the Empires, Uplive, LiveMe, Rise of Civilizations
  • legacy of Discord-FuriousWings, Guns of Glory, ZAKZAK Pro, Clash of Kings: Wonder Falls
  • CamScanner, Game of Sultans, Nono Live,, Webnovel, Hello Yo
  • Mafia City, Last Empire – War Z: Strategy, King of Avalon, Flash Keyboard – Emoji & Theme, Turbo VPN

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