Building Muscle

                                                Building Muscle

Building Muscle

In this post, we are going to talk about Building Muscle. So, if you want to look great by building muscles, this post will be beneficial for you. So, let us first start with the five ways to build muscle mass.

5 Rules to Build Muscle Mass

  1. Rest Your Expectations: Do not expect much more. Because it is black truth that if you think that you can make your muscles look great in 2 months, it will take you three months to do the same. So, do not be so fast in your expectations.
  2. Keep your Intensity High: Most of the peoples might be confused with the word “Intensity” because most of you will describe this word as on how hard level you can work or how hard you are already working out! So, let us explain this to you. Let’s suppose that if you are 200 on weight lifting and your maximum is 350, your intensity is 51%.
  3. Lower your reps: Do not exercise much more at once, even if you can do. You are advised not to do more than 20 muscle sets per group. Doing 12 will be even better.
  4. Focus on the total body: I know that you want to build your muscles, but just focusing on the muscles will lead you to the wrong way. It is highly recommended to focus on the whole body instead of just focusing only on strengths.
  5. Stretching: You might be thinking, “Why we had mentioned Stretching here as this post is devoted to building muscles,” but stretching will also help you in the same. Any extension will improve recovery between workouts, make you flexible & will also prevent you from injury.

How to Build Muscles Naturally:

As this section’s heading describes, we will discuss how to build muscle mass naturally in this section. Besides workout, you also need to depend on natural things to build your muscles.

  1. Eat Breakfast: Many of the people do not take breakfast. They take lunch directly. But this is the wrong way. Taking breakfast can help you in building muscle mass.
  2. Eat protein: Make sure to eat protein-rich food if you want to boost your muscle mass.
  3. Eat Every 3 Hours: Try eating fruits & other soft food every 3 hours.
  4. Fruits & Vegetables: Eat fruits and vegetables with each meal.

Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass:

Now you had sufficient knowledge of “Rules of Building Muscle Mass” and “How to Build Muscle Mass Naturally.” Now it’s time to discuss Top 10 Foods to Gain Muscle Mass.

  1. Salmon: This is the right choice for Gaining Muscle Mass because 85 Grams of Salmon can give you 17 Gram of Protein.
  2. Eggs: These are also very beneficial for gaining muscle mass, then. Eggs are also acceptable because they are packed with protein and Vitamin B.
  3. Soybeans: This is also a portion of good food for vegetarians because soybeans are good vitamin K & iron sources. Half a cup of soybeans will give 14 grams of protein to you.
  4. Chicken Breast: Are you non-veg? If yes, this is the best choice as 85 grams of Chicken Breast can give you 26 grams of protein.
  5. Peanuts: These can also help you out because they contain a high amount of Amino Acid. Every half-cup can give you 425 calories to Building Muscle mass.
  6. Almonds This is plant-based food. This can prove beneficial for you as 180 grams of them give you 17g protein.
  7. Bison: 85 grams of this can give you 22 grams of protein. Some researchers also found it better than beef because it had lower chances of heart disease.
  8. Brown Rice: It only provides 5 grams of protein in 200 grams of serving. This might not be very pleasant. Is it? But wait, Cooked Brown Rice has a high amount of Carbohydrates that are required to speedup & boost your physical activities. If you want to increase your exercise time, this can be good food for you.
  9. Quinoa: This rich in protein food can give a required amount of protein to your body. Each cup (185 gram) of quinoa can provide you with a 40-gram protein. Do you look at it? It gives more protein than any of the food listed here. So why shouldn’t you give it a try? Bonus = It also gives you 5 grams of fiber.
  10. Protein Powders: We are talking about food to gain muscles, so how can we forget Protein Powders? If you think you are struggling to gain a sufficient amount of protein through your diet, spend some money and buy protein powders.

How to Build Muscle & Lose Fat?

Do you ever hear that you can lose fat and gain muscle at the same time! If not, let us tell you that you can do both activities simultaneously. If you want to know how to do that, then we have some amazing but easy to apply tips for you.

  1. Focus on Strength Training You should focus on Strength Training if you are highly overweight.
  2. Maintain Your Diet: You should maintain the amount of Protein, Fats, Carbohydrates & fibers, etc. in your daily diet.
  3. Analyze you on your own: Sit in a room alone, analyze yourself, and find out what you need to work on.

7 Muscle Building Mistakes:

So now you are working on Muscle Building. But you might make some mistakes if you are not an expert on it. To help you out with them, we had also provided content for this below. Please have a look at it.

  1. Are you eating enough? You might not know, but you may be eating less than you need. To Gain Muscle Mass, you are working hard. But what about food. Is your body getting sufficient nutrition to do all tasks? So have care to that also.
  2. Are you drinking plenty of water? Here we suggest you that you should drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily. Less water drinking may lead you to dehydration.
  3. Are you taking enough sleep? Less Sleeping may affect your exercise. So, make sure to take enough sleep daily.
  4. Are you doing enough weight lifting workouts? You are recommended to lift weight to increase your intensity.
  5. Are you lifting too much weight? If you are lifting too much weight after reading the above point to speed up, you will go completely wrong. Try to lift a challenging weight. Do not try to lift the matter; then, it is impossible to raise for you at that time.
  6. Are you not stretching? If you are working on your diet and exercise and are not working on stretching, you are missing an essential part of the muscle mass gain process.
  7. Are you not consuming protein? Protein is highly recommended because it will be the main in the muscle-building process. If your weight is 70 Kg, then you should consume 120 grams of protein daily.

How to Gain Lean Muscle Mass?

We also have some tips for you if you also want to build lean muscle mass. Let’s go through this.

  1. Lift Less Weight: Do not directly lift the higher weight. Start from lower and go to higher.
  2. Do not do Too Much single-joint exercise: It is not recommended to do only single-joint exercise. You are advised to do others.
  3. Focus on diet: Boycott Fat, Oily & Fried food. 

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