High BP / Low BP

The pressure or force with the arteries, a measure used by your to pump and circulate blood around your body, is a Blood Pressure. It is recorded in two numbers. It is the first, and the highest one, the systolic pressure, recorded after the heart contracts. The second one, the lowest one, is the diastolic pressure. Itis recorded before the heart contracts.

High Blood Pressure

What are the causes of High Blood Pressure?

When your blood pressure elevates, it is called hypertension. When your blood runs at a higher pressure through the arteries, which is more than the average level. It runs in families very often. The causes are the following:

⦁ Diet with high salt

⦁ Age factor

⦁ Diet high with fat and cholesterol

⦁ Obesity

⦁ High consumption of alcohol or Tobacco

⦁ Less physical activities

⦁ Family history (genetics)

⦁ Stress

⦁ Diabetes

⦁ Diet with insufficient calcium, potassium, and magnesium

What are the symptoms of It?

When the reason for High Blood Pressure is not known, it is Primary Hypertension. It is the common type of High Blood Pressure. People are affected because of their changes in lifestyle, environment, or body. When people are affected by health conditions like Kidney, sleep, thyroid, or intake of certain medicines, it is a Secondary Hypertension.
The symptoms experienced by the individual who has reached to the severe level of hypertension include the following:

  • Headache
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nosebleed

It can result in severe problems. If not taken care of, It can lead to heart disease, heart stroke, or other cardiac issues. Therefore, it is recommended to visit your doctor immediately when those symptoms occur.

How can I prevent getting High Blood Pressure?

  • You can avoid or get prevented from it by incorporating the following measures in your daily schedule:
  • Physical activities and exercise
  • Avoid smoking
  • Reduce consumption of alcohol
  • Reduce the intake of salt
  • Healthy and fat-free diet
  • Relax or meditate
  • Control your diabetes

If the reason for it is a disease or any medicine, consult your doctor and take prescribed medicines. Also with the help of Best Medical Products, you can control this.

Low Blood Pressure


It recorded lower than 90/60 mm Hg is considered as Low Blood Pressure, which is called Hypotension. You can experience severe health problems when it drops all of a sudden. It causes no problem in some people, whereas others suffer from fainting or dizziness. In extreme cases, it can be a risk to life.

What Causes It?

It is optimal when it is recorded as 120/80 mm Hg. When you experience a sudden drop in this, it results in inadequate blood supply to your brain. It occurs when people rise to stand after their position of sitting or lying down. It is postural hypotension, i.e., a change in posture. After standing for longer, if your Blood Pressure drops, it is neurally hypotension. Some causes are the following:

⦁ Stress

⦁ Medication

⦁ Mild dehydration

⦁ Loss of blood

⦁ Infection

⦁ Lack of nutrients

⦁ Physical conditions

⦁ Rhythm of breathing

⦁ Cardiac or endocrine problems

⦁ Posture

⦁ A Pregnancy

What are the symptoms of Low Blood Pressure?

It is a signal that indicates your underlying health conditions in a few individuals, mainly a sudden drop in it is experiences. The symptoms of this are as the following:

⦁ Nausea

⦁ Fatigue

⦁ Dizziness

⦁ Fainting

⦁ Blurred vision

⦁ Faded vision

⦁ Reduced concentration

Severe Low Blood Pressure has the following symptoms:

⦁ Cold

⦁ Clammy or pale skin

⦁ Shallow breathing

⦁ Rapid breathing

⦁ Rapid Pulse

⦁ The Weak pulse

Sometimes, the Low Blood Pressure can be due to mild dehydration, standing in sunlight for a long time, or being in a hot tub for a long time. However, it is recommended to consult your doctor if you experience these symptoms.

How can I Prevent It?

It can be raised normally through the diet you take. You can incorporate the following in your daily diet to Prevent it:

  • Stay hydrated and include more fluids in your schedule.
  • Vitamin B-12 rich foods: Egg, fortified cereal, nutritious yeast, meat, etc.
  • Salty food: Canned soup, cottage cheese, pickles, smoked fish, olives, etc.
  • Caffeine: Caffeinated tea or coffee 
  • Many health conditions, medications, or age can affect the pressure of your Blood.

Consult your doctor or a medical practitioner to avoid getting High or Low.
Also, choose the best Healthcare Products Manufacturer for taking the BP machine.


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